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    The journey begins here,
    What makes the world’s best athletes so good? They surround them....

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Your conn.EC.tivity

The journey begins here

What makes the world’s best athletes so good? They surround themselves with individuals that are critical to them achieving success. And remember, like any skill, you have to constantly practice to get the most out of them. Executive Connection provides you just that platform. Through a variety of events, we bring together influential leaders from all industries and job functions to discuss relevant business and leadership topics – with no distraction. By staying true to our membership guidelines we have become the premier source for DFW's corporate leaders. Providing connectivity and exposure to the broader community is where it is at. Our objective is to provide our members personal and professional growth. Building community ~ managed and directed by the membership.

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Executive Connection is well diversified in its membership and encourages interaction and collaboration. Membership is limited to invitation; therefore, high importance is placed on the confidentiality of our members. All members must abide by the Executive Connection Member Charter. In order to become a member, just complete the online application below. Once completed, your application will be submitted to the Membership Committee for review.

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