About Conn.EC.tivity

Practice makes perfect

What makes the world’s best athletes so good?  They surround themselves with individuals that are critical to them achieving success. And remember, like any skill, you have to constantly practice to get the most out of them. Here at Executive Connection we offer you the platform for success through providing productive meetings and creating beneficial relationships. Through our series of breakfast events and special interest groups we bring together influential leaders from all industries to discuss relevant business and leadership topics – with no distraction. Again, practice makes perfect!  32 is the lucky number!  Thirty two events a year that is ... By staying true to our membership guidelines we have become the premier source for DFW's corporate leaders.  Providing connectivity and exposure to the broader community is where it's at.


Governing Board

Vic Pepe
Chief Strategy Officer
D&M Enterprise Group
Toby Lee
Chief Marketing Officer
Thomson Reuters
William McDade
Chief Financial Officer
Interstate Batteries

Advisory Board

Colleen Barrett
President Emeritus
Southwest Airlines
Jack Lowe
TD Industries
Joel Allison
Former CEO
Baylor Scott and White Health
Ralph Hawkins
HKS, Inc
Matrice Ellis-Kirk
Managing Partner
RSR Partners
Victor Arias
Managing Partner
RSR Partners


Kenton Kisler